Vision and Mission


A world where exemplary graduate education is locally available to all.


To form a strong, enduring and broad academic educational collaboration between the University of Toronto Canada and Addis Ababa University Ethiopia. Together, we enable excellent post graduate programmes to flourish at AAU, increase understanding and skill sets in cross cultural education, and both partners make research gains.

The Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration (TAAAC) is a unique multi-disciplinary educational initiative between a high income university, University of Toronto (UofT) Canada, and a low income country university, Addis Ababa University (AAU) Ethiopia. Our mission is to assist Ethiopians find solutions by supporting their commitment to higher education and increase health human resources, improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare, engineering and other much needed professional trainings within their country. Simultaneously, UofT’s faculty and students engage in a meaningful collaboration that builds on UofT’s commitment to global citizenship and international engagement.

TAAAC is a non-profit organization supported by the leadership of UofT participating faculties, departments, divisions and institutes and AAU. TAAAC has a well-defined organizational structure and a clear governance model.