Why Ethiopia

Ethiopia is amongst the poorest and least materially resourced countries in the world. Of the 110 million people in the country, approximately 30 percent live on less than $2USD a day. Despite remarkable economic growth over the last 10 years, without more trained professionals in all fields Ethiopians struggle to cope with emergent and lingering health issues, poverty, deforestation, food insecurity and a lack of well functioning infrastructures.

How does TAAAC work?

By focusing together to develop and strengthen graduate medical and academic programs at AAU, Ethiopia can train their own professionals and develop a robust accessible healthcare system, an improved economy, pre-empt food insecurity and unemployment to provide a better future for all.

UofT’s academic faculty members volunteer to take part in our programs and fly to Ethiopia to teach and co-build graduate programs under the leadership and guidance of AAU faculty. The volunteers teach courses, supervise PhDs, provide clinical supervision and teach technical skills. Once trained, the new AAU graduates are hired to expand the AAU faculties and those of the 50 new Ethiopian universities so in time each program becomes capable of replicating itself, independent of the need for UofT assistance.

TAAAC results

In the last few years TAAAC has assisted over 200 professionals graduate of whom over 90 percent remain within the country.

TAAAC has become a workable and effective model for collaboration in global health to accelerate the creation of professional and academic specialists, promoting an accessible robust health system and contributing directly to ongoing economic and infrastructure growth. By facilitating excellence in academic research and practice, a new generation of confident and competent young Ethiopians will help fulfill their country’s great potential.

AAU is becoming a magnet centre of excellence for education in sub-Saharan Africa and an internationally significant research university.

Der biaber anbessa yaser is an Amharic saying that translates as: together a spider’s web will tie a lion. As friends, colleagues, and community TAAAC is privileged to play a part in Ethiopia’s strong grasp on a better future.